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Explore Hamzah Hilam's Skills and Tools. Discover the capabilities that empower his work and projects, from design to technology.

My Skills
My Hobby

Blog & Design

Sometimes, in my free time, I utilize it to write on blogs and design.

Developer & Technology

In his spare time, he contributes to developments in the world of technology


Enjoyed trips with diverse scenery, including nature, urban, rural areas, and attractions.

Community & Volunteer

Join the community, volunteer, and make a difference


The sports I like are swimming and walking.


Watch a variety of films: action, animation, horror, thriller, and historical


Diverse music interests, streaming on popular platforms like Spotify and more

Book & Newspaper

Enjoy reading books and newspapers about technology, animation, and history.

The official website, created by Hamzah Hilam, is designed to provide a range of information in the form of portfolio results, articles, activities, and achievements successfully accomplished by the site’s owner

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