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Explore my journey in technology through insightful articles, projects, certifications, and more on my personal website. Let's embark on this tech odyssey together.


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Greetings, I'm Hamzah (Hamzah Hilam), a Bachelor of Design program graduate from Indraprasta PGRI University. With a substantial background in the field, I am constantly driven to explore new horizons in pursuit of self-improvement, ultimately illuminating a path to a brighter future. My journey commenced in Depok City, where I was born on November 20, 1997. I am the proprietor of a personal website that serves as a dedicated platform for my continuous development within the realm of technology. Through this platform, I delve into various facets of technology, perpetually expanding my knowledge base. The website offers a range of features, including insightful articles, an extensive portfolio, showcasing various projects, an array of certifications, a unique 'cat museum,' in-depth coverage of my activities and events, and a wealth of other valuable content.

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