Pengalaman Magang di OK OCE Indonesia bersama MSIB

Hello everyone, this time I’d like to share my enriching experience of participating in MSIB Kampus Merdeka Batch 2. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all those who have supported me throughout this journey.

I was assigned to the OK OCE division as a website and social media developer, where I embarked on an exciting journey of personal and professional growth. This experience allowed me to explore new horizons and acquire valuable skills in web development and social media management.

One of the most significant highlights of my internship was being elected as the division chairman. This role not only provided me with additional leadership experience but also taught me the importance of effective teamwork and communication. I had the privilege of collaborating with other talented individuals from different teams and divisions, contributing to a dynamic and vibrant work environment.

During my time at OK OCE Indonesia, I had the opportunity to work on various projects that allowed me to apply my newfound skills and knowledge. These projects not only challenged me but also provided me with a sense of accomplishment as I saw them come to fruition.

As a website and social media developer, I was responsible for creating and managing online content, ensuring that our web presence remained engaging and informative. I also played a vital role in devising and implementing social media strategies to enhance our online visibility.

If you are interested in learning more about my journey and exploring some of the portfolios I’ve worked on during my internship at OK OCE Indonesia, please feel free to click here.

This internship has been a transformative experience for me, pushing me to expand my horizons and develop new skills. It reinforced the importance of hard work, collaboration, and dedication in achieving success. I look forward to continuing my journey of growth and learning, fueled by the invaluable experiences I’ve gained during my time with OK OCE Indonesia.

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