Tribe Mitra MSIB Kampus Merdeka

Hi all, This time I will tell you my experience with Tribe Mitra MSIB Kampus Merdeka.

What Exactly Is a Tribe? 

Tribe adalah perwakilan Mahasiswa dari masing-masing Mitra. Tentu saja, mereka akan dilatih untuk menghubungi orang-orang antara MSIB dan Mahasiswa di mitra. source: Instagram magangmerdeka

My Experience in Tribe Mitra MSIB Kampus Merdeka

So, I was selected to be a Tribe at the time of MSIB Batch 2. I, at OK OCE Indonesia, have to add time to follow that. Of course, there are many benefits to participating in this tribe. from adding knowledge to networking. My activities while there were not only as a contact person, but there were others. I also took on the content creator team at the time of being a tribe. Here\’s some of the content I created: Click Here.

My Gallery

Meet with Tribe MSIB Kampus Merdeka

Don’t forget to further my activities while interning at OK OCE Indonesia. starts via pdf: Click Here. and blog: Click Here.

For those of you, don’t forget to visit this site: Previously, I thank you for reading and visiting our site.

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