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Towards a better Future

is a motivational journey towards a better future.

The journey begins on

It started on November 20, 2022, which is a special day where I just increased my age to 25 years old. Before that, I had planned all the changes that existed in my life for a better future. Before that, I had planned all the changes that existed in my life for a better future. The various processes I went through with passion and fought for the commitments to be achieved in my life.


In my achievements during 2022, I participated in many useful activities, starting from:

MSIB Kampus Merdeka Batch 2

My career progression started by participating in a Kampus Merdeka program called MSIB (Magang dan Studi Independen Bersertifikat Kampus Merdeka). I received it at OK OCE Indonesia, where I am in the website and social media developer division. where I am responsible for the project for the advancement of MSMEs in that field.

OK OCE Indonesia

If you want to know about my experience at OK OCE Indonesia, please click this link: hamzahhilam.com/ok-oce-indonesia

Tribe MSIB Kampus Merdeka

When I participated in MSIB Batch 2, I tried to register for the Tribe MSIB Kampus Merdeka until I was selected to be part of it. I am responsible for keeping the relationship between MSIB and the partner connected. Not only that, I took that part as content design for the growthwithmsib Instagram account. not only that, several other agendas, such as events, also existed that I participated in during my time as Tribe MSIB Kampus Merdeka.

Tribe MSIB Kampus Merdeka

MSIB Kampus Merdeka Batch 3

I continued my journey towards career development in Batch 3 at MSIB. I was accepted as an intern at Indi Technology, which is in the specialist digital marketing division. responsible for the client’s social media projects and creating content.

Indi Technology with BSN

If you want to know about my experience at Indi Technology, please click this link: hamzahhilam.com/with-indi-technology

Kampus Merdeka Fair 2022

As a trainer, it is a new thing and a new experience. Of course, I became a speaker about the experience of participating in the Kampus Merdeka program and contributing to the fulfillment of targets to successfully participate in the Kampus Merdeka program.

Kampus Merdeka Fair 2022 – PNJ

What is the next stage after this?

I hope there are a lot of good changes each year. Because in the process of going to a better future, it is very necessary to have things like learning, connections, and experiences to be ready for a better future.

Tribe Mitra MSIB Kampus Merdeka

Hi all, This time I will tell you my experience with Tribe Mitra MSIB Kampus Merdeka.

What Exactly Is a Tribe? 

Tribe adalah perwakilan Mahasiswa dari masing-masing Mitra. Tentu saja, mereka akan dilatih untuk menghubungi orang-orang antara MSIB dan Mahasiswa di mitra. source: Instagram magangmerdeka

My Experience in Tribe Mitra MSIB Kampus Merdeka

So, I was selected to be a Tribe at the time of MSIB Batch 2. I, at OK OCE Indonesia, have to add time to follow that. Of course, there are many benefits to participating in this tribe. from adding knowledge to networking. My activities while there were not only as a contact person, but there were others. I also took on the content creator team at the time of being a tribe. Here’s some of the content I created: Click Here.

My Gallery

Don’t forget to further my activities while interning at OK OCE Indonesia. starts via pdf: Click Here. and blog: Click Here.

For those of you, don’t forget to visit this site: hamzahhilam.my.id/diarywithokoce. Previously, I thank you for reading and visiting our site.

Pengalaman Magang di OK OCE Indonesia bersama MSIB

Hello everyone, this time I’ll tell you about my experience participating in MSIB in Batch 2. I first received it in the program with great gratitude. I will not forget to thank all those who have prayed for and supported me. I am in the OK OCE divisions of website and social media developer. where I have to try to find a new experience. I was elected division chairman during my internship. Of course, adding to the experience of new things, especially in leadership. I try to collaborate with other teams and also divisions. Here are some of my portfolios during my internship at OK OCE Indonesia: Click Here

Gallery: Activity

And some photos or videos from the internship:

or you can also open the pdf at this link: https://my.hamzahhilam.com/kegiatanmsib2okoce or click here

For those of you, don’t forget to visit this site: hamzahhilam.my.id/diarywithokoce. Previously, I thank you for reading and visiting our site.

MSIB Talks: Preparation For MSIB

Hello Sobat MSIB!

Pendaftaran MSIB cycle 3 akan dibuka nih.

Pengen tau persiapan aja saja untuk mengikuti Program MSIB?

Nah kali ini teman kita Aditya Ery Wibowo selaku Tribe dari mitra Bank Indonesia dan Aldi Akbar Wibowo selaku Tribe dari mitra PT STECHOQ Robotika Indonesia akan membagikan pengalamannya saat prepare pendaftaran Magang cycle 2.

Live Instagram akan dipandu oleh Samuel Juan selaku Communication & Community Technology Engagement MSIB.

Yuk, join live Instagram @magangmerdeka dan @growwithmsib yah.
? Sunday, May 29th 2022: 16.00 WIB
Save the date!

Internship Day With MSIB

Hari dengan penuh bersemangat!

Magang di INDI Technology. Divisi: Digital Marketing Specialist. Powered By Kampus Merdeka

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